(Art) Sekhmet by Jassy Watson


Sehkmet © Jassy Watson

Sekhmet is one of the oldest known female Egyptian goddesses. Her name derives from the Egyptian word for ‘power’ or ‘night’, “Sekhem,” thus her name can be translated as “She who is Powerful.” Continue reading

(Art) Persephone by Jassy Watson


Persephone ©Jassy Watson

Persephone; daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone’s story is one of ascent and descent, of a journey from the light to dark and dark to light. It is a story of mother and daughter and of individuation; the path of becoming Woman. Continue reading

(Art Prose) Painting for the Earth by Jassy Watson

When women were birds FINAL (1).JPG

When women were birds by Jassy Watson

I have spoken about the social responsibility of the artist on numerous occasions. This blog approaches a similar topic but in direct relation to using art as a potent tool for change and as a platform for raising awareness of important environmental and ecological issues that all of humanity is currently faced with.

All forms of art have the potential to be tools for healing and transformation. I believe that through the creative process the relationship with self and the environment can be transformed. Why? Because when creative work is approached from a place of passion and purpose and art is brought to life with intention, great shifts can occur, not only for the artist, but also for the viewer. I believe wholeheartedly that I can approach the canvas and paint intentionally to deepen my connection to my inner and outer landscapes, and in doing so inspire others to deepen and honour a connection to the earth creatively. Continue reading

(Video) Journey Within by Jassy Watson

You are invited to join Visionary Artist and Intentional Creativity Coach, Jassy Watson in Goddesses Garden Studio to discover what she has planned for the core 2016 Journey Within sacred painting program.  From her studio space situated in Innes Park Queensland Australia, Jassy teaches regular painting classes for girls and women that are designed to inspire earth connection and creative expression. Her works are a powerful tribute to the earth and to the feminine form. Jassy believes that cultivating creativity is taking powerful action towards living an enriched life where transformation and healing is possible.

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(Solstice art) May the Light Within Guide Your Way by Jassy Watson

JW May the Light Within Guide Your Way


The Priestess walks the wild soul path of magic and mystery. With sacred signs and messages to receive on her journey she lights Her way with a lamp of old and forges the armour that no longer serves her in the winter flames. There is a deep knowing in her heart that it is the light within she is seeking.

From the darkness and cold, the light and hope return.

Winter Solstice Blessings to those in the Southern Hemisphere. May the light within guide your way in the dark.

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(Art) The Earth Is My Sister by Jassy Watson

JW The earth is my sister

Artists are catalysts for change, and this “change” takes place when we feel deeply for a precious cause. I feel deeply for the earth and I feel that it is largely humanity’s disconnection from the earth and from the earth as mother that has contributed to the current state of not only the health of the earth body, but also the health of our bodies.

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(Art) Primal Feminine Essence by Jassy Watson



Women have a natural born intuition, a sensing, a deep knowing that we have largely been disconnected from and we are seeking ways to get back in touch with our primal feminine core. Our primal nature is embedded in the code of our DNA, it is our life force, the root of our being and by re-connecting and awakening our primal womb energy, we can begin to discover the common link that binds all women, past, present future. We can also gain insight as to our true nature and to our truth and purpose upon this earth, which can lead us to remember the source of ourselves, and all that surrounds us. For me, painting is a direct tool that can be used to access this part of ourself – our innermost soul; the core of our being. The painting shown here was done as part of my ‘Primal Feminine Essence’ workshops that incorporate trance dance and painting. The Primal Process is about stripping back to basics, letting go of fear, embracing trust and just simply mark making just like the ancients did so long ago with tools and oxides made from the earth.  From the mark making a story is developed using symbols and patterns and our Primal Self then emerges. The story here is my own creation story and it reads from left to right. The lake feeds the womb below it, which then feeds the people dancing whose tracks lead back to the lake where they gather to fish. The lake is fed by the waterfall behind that stretches far left over the mountains to the ocean. In the centre of her dress are two lovers in the dance of life and the spiral wheel to the right represents the drumbeat/heartbeat. There are a number of things that appeared here including a wolf pup face. Can you see him?

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Meet Mago Contributor, Jassy Watson

Jassy Watson Is a Mother to four, Visionary Artist, Illustrator, Writer and passionate Organic Gardener whose work is dedicated to the Sacred Feminine and healing the earth. Jassy is also currently completing a BA with majors in Ancient History and Religion from Macquarie University, Sydney. Creative workshops and events which include her painting Vision Quests that explore aspects of the feminine are held in her space ‘Goddesses Garden and Studio’, a place fostering earth connection and creative expression.  Visit www.goddessesgardenandstudio.com or contact her at goddessesgardenandstudio@gmail.com.

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