(Art) Gaia by Julie Stewart Rose

JStewart Gaia

The role of the mother is very evident as a pregnant Gaia. In Gaia there is a twofold symbolism, the power of the creator of worlds, but also that of carrying the weight of the world, that of taking on the role of motherhood – the responsibility of life and how women can carry not just a baby but also the care of others in their world, their family.
In this painting, Julie chose to use Pointillism as a visual representation of a 3D style Earth quality.

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(Art) The Great Mother by Julie Stewart Rose

JStewart the-great-mother


The significance of the mother figure to Julie represents the nurturer in the Great Mother – one who you can hand the cares of the world to instead of carrying them yourself.

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(Meet Mago Contributor) Julie Stewart Rose

Julie Stewart RoseJulie Stewart Rose is a Singer-Songwriter, Artist and businesswoman based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Julie’s artistic expression comes from a desire to explore mythology and spirituality as an expression of the feminine. Her art typically is multi-layered and loaded with symbolism and a beautifully complex, textured colour palette. Julie works primarily in the spiritual realm when she paints. Julie’s passionate interest in feminine energy is expressed as forms of spirituality. To build up the texture of Julie’s work, her mixed media approach includes hidden photos, underlying symbols and outlines, plaster, glues and acrylic paints built up in layers over time.
Her website is: http://www.juliestewartlive.com/