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Lucy Pierce trained in Fine Art, majoring in Ceramics at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. I now live in the beautiful Yarra Valley, not far from the river and overlooking the mountains, with my beloved partner and 3 beautiful children. I feel my creative work has led me on a journey deep into the psycho-spiritual realms of my being. Through my creative impulse I feel wooed into a deep engagement with the poetic interface of life.
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(Video 1) “Seeking Inner Voices of S/HE (Meditation Guides)” by Marie de Kock

[Editor’s Note: This video meeting was created and produced as part of 2015 Nine Day Solstice Celebration, organized by Mago Academy.]

Suckling Stars by Lucy Pierce


Please join us in celebrating the 2015 Nine-Day Solstice Celebration dedicated to Finding Our Inner Voice on Thursday, December 17th 9pm PST. Welcome your own inner voice warmly with a guided meditation, hear Lucy Pierce and Marie de Kock in conversation about it, including a contribution by Arna Baartz, do some gentle exercises to liberate your Inner Voice and listen to a poem clearly expressing Her.

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(Art) Birthing Woman by Lucy Pierce

LP Birthing Woman


Third time around, birthing my daughter, Bealah Moss. I am no longer young, a body rounded and made soft and pendulous with time, breasts well seasoned with the mouths of suckling babes, nourished. I am initiated as mother, but still this threshold feels vastly profound and I am a child in the face of this power. The astonishing ask of birth, blowing my mind; awe and the fear of how I can open to this force of life that courses like a river in flood, through my mortal flesh and fragile bones…. But my eyes are open this time, my mind is awake and it is my own hands that guide this baby’s passage, that greet this child so fresh to the world, guiding her out with my hands to my heart and her family. I am fully claiming this birth, this child, this most primal and real charge of bringing the world into being. It is my teacher that I am birthing.

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(Art) Resting Place by Lucy Pierce

LP Resting Place


She carries the sacred places of the Earth within her body and there she rests and restores herself. The body of woman and the body of the earth are one and the same. We seek refuge in wild nature, that the heart may be harbored always in the beating pulse of her breast.

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(Art) Goddess Dances by Lucy Pierce

LP The Goddess Dances


As a woman-being how do I come to know my own curves, skin, hair and unique expression of self, to be the very same divinity that has been sung throughout time as the sacred feminine. The holy expression of divinity is given form in these very bones, and in those of each and every one of my sisters.

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(Art) She meets herself by Lucy Pierce

LP She meets herself

There are places within where the treasure is buried, the key deep within the earth of our being. Beneath the facades and the defenses and the layers of pretense. There are places that we hide even from ourselves and fierce and hard is the work of uncovering the treasure, digging in the dark earth for the keys.

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(Art) The Midwives by Lucy Pierce

LP Midwives

Midwives by Lucy Pierce


This image is an offering of immense gratitude to all the amazing sisters who have midwifed me through my life as woman birthing herself into being. Our capacity as women to hold space for each other, to hold and nurture, encourage and stretch, nourish and behold one another is an almighty magic which is changing the vibration of the planet. I feel so deeply indebted to all the midwives in my life, in whose reflection I have learnt to become ever more deeply and authentically my own self, deepening through the layers of cultural oppression and personal suppression of the truly awesome power, profound love and holy eroticism that lies at the heart and deep within the womb of each and every one of us as woman.

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