(Poem) Mountain Chanter’s Curse by Maya Daniel

mountain-chanters-curse-by-maya-danielStay away from our lands,
You, plunderers of the earth,
Do not disturb our waters
The horizons may seem still,
Motionless, but we are wild,
Our mountains are steep,
Ravines are deadly deep,
Our vines are silent traps
They will crush you, tucked Continue reading

(Poem) We Are by Maya Daniel

Maya Daniel

I don’t bother on the algorithms claiming
My face has good proportions or not
We know our past– and our future

I am not afraid anymore
I was burned as a witch many times
I am woman– my place is in the struggle

I bring with me tuft of fresh flowers
Sea shells, and kid’s playing pebbles
But never forget one — my weapon Continue reading

(Poem) Your Song is the enemies’ nightmare by Maya Daniel

your-song-isYour song will never be lost
With the coming of sundown
The night will be revolting
From the thoughts that the enemies
Are assaulting, in colorless image,
Cursing the peacemakers
Desecrating agreements and
Strangle our desires of just peace
The armed enemies aim to silence us,
Our voices, may it be a whisper
Or the loud cries of the street crowd
The killing is on, silently, as hunger
And poverty eat the fibers of their victims
We protest and curse the naked brutalities
Of various forms of state fascism
The stink of social injustice
The night is revolting and your song
Is the enemies’ nightmare.
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(Poem) Despite games played to entertain by Maya Daniel

maya-daniel-poemDespite games played to entertain
They are waging unjust war

The country sides are under attack
Still, and more treacherously
By AFP’s US-inspired Oplan Bayanihan
The country sides are burning
With abuses and daily death threats
Thinly camouflaged by “civilian missions”
While there are men taking combat operations
There are also troops in full battle gear
Awkwardly giving haircuts,
Then, play games to entertain,
And donate recycled school textbooks
Get some groupies and make these
Pictures take the rounds on facebook.
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(Poem) renaming olden names by Maya Daniel


Art by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

the conquerors have
renamed our village of Malabno into Wright.
renamed our village of Mapanag into Roosevelt
renamed our village of Sambuong as McKinley
(now, known as Katipunan) and one village as Taft,
names that made our tongues twist, so to say,
it was enforced upon us with tricks of believing them
and what is that for, institution of foreign power?
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(Trilingual poem) Puriwan na kamo Manarukmay by Maya Daniel

(In DAGIL, the ancient/archaic Tumanduk [Indigenous People in Central Panay] language, with direct Hiligaynon and English translations)

Maya Daniel art for Dagil poem

Art by Maya Daniel

oka’t yabon
Tunda do’t parina,
Parina manug-alinton
Alintuni doy si Sindaan
Alintuni doy si Babailan

Sunod ka sa hayahay
Sunod ka sa ugayong
Sunod ka sa hagashas

Puriwan na kamo manarukmay
Puriwan kamo mang-agaw lupa
Bawion namon ang kahilwayan…

Maya Daniel
(inspired by a Babailan chant)

Abyan Sang Tumanduk

* Sindaan – ngalan sang sinauna nga Babailan

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(Poem + art) we only live where lightning burned the soil by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

we can’t live out of our lands,
we only live where lightning burned the soil
our hearts beat that anybody just can’t understand
how can we live out of our lands
you see us as settlers around your camp
lost in your “modernity” of bombs, rifles,
planes and choppers, and troops
who hears nothing but commands
why don’t you have that gentleness
even in simple speech?
you can’t conquer souls by force, or by fears,
our land is for life and not for your unjust wars
kill us. and our sons and daughters
will seek on you, still holding on those
images of you and your sons, too, in their memories
is that holding to a lost strand of our culture?
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(Poem & Art) committed by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

Art by Maya Daniel

you bonded your heart
and committed to serve the people
the enemies painted your name black as coal
they hunted you that calls from home
were painfully undone
some thought of you a mystique
no one could dare say
you are dead or alive, it’s just
that you disappeared in shadows
and fasten your heart
to the revolutionary movement,
embraced a life that beats
survived moments of death cheating
and now fading away to the stars
thank you for being here
you who found life’s motive
and dared the challenges of our time.

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