(Poem) Praise Be to the V! by Michael Brautigan

for Diane di Prima


the confusion of love with dominion is…


Snow Geese flying in a V-fomation at the Skagit River delta, WA, USAthe self-appointed high priests of this world

who are the murderers of truth

who have turned joy into servitude

who have demonized the true initiation

who have turned metaphor into literalization

who have turned zone into place


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(Special Post 6) Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality? A Collective Writing

Credit: prairielabyrinth.com

Credit: prairielabyrinth.com

[Editor’s Note: This was first proposed in The Mago Circle, Facebook Group, on March 6, 2014. We have our voices together below and publish them in sequels. It is an ongoing project and we encourage our reader to join us! Submit yours today to Helen Hwang (magoism@gmail.com). Or visit and contact someone in Return to Mago’s Partner Organizations.]  

Esther Essinger “Why Goddess, when “G*D” is perpetrating so much grief?
1) First, it’s vital to know that Goddess is NOT “G*D” in a skirt. It is demanded of NO one that they “believe” or “have faith”, so there can be no guilt (and no punishment! (No Hell below us, thank you John) in NOT choosing to interest oneself in these particular Stories, myths, legends and tales which center the Cosmic Female, the Universal Mother, Mother Earth /Mother Nature at their core. No evangelism happening here!

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(Poem) Under a Full Moon by Michael Brautigan

A star and the moon through

bamboo blinds and even

the dogs stir and mumble

from their beds, and I

have to get up and tell

them to quiet, and I

know that this night

shivers and quivers in

the strange full glow

of that moon whose

insanity is slipping through

the splits in my blinds,

and my light fluxes

from bright to dim.

I realize that I want

to leave everything behind

out of pure necessity.

I feel the pull of

shifting currents, and

the lone star collapses

from the sky, and I

realize it’s all in my



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(Meet Mago Contributor) Michael Brautigan

author pic Michael BrautiganMichael Brautigan is a freelance writer, poet, literary scholar, and political activist who lived most of his life in and around the Bay Area.  For over a decade he lived in Berkeley where he enjoyed both studying and participating in community awareness groups and activism before graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English Literature.  He has been published in the Milvia Street Journal, Unlikely Stories, Blink-Ink, and Undergroundwriter.  He has also been an active member of online writing groups such as the New Surrealist Institute, World Poets Society, Inter Dada, and Poetry San Francisco.

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