(Essay) The Controversy of the ‘Old Religion’: The Necessity of Intrafaith Dialogue by Patricia ‘Iolana

Avebury Circle and Chapel - Photo by Patricia 'Iolana

Avebury Circle and Chapel – Photo by Patricia ‘Iolana

As a presenter in the Contemporary Pagan Studies Group at the recent American Academy of Religion, I was looking forward to the possibility of some meaningful intrafaith dialogue (dialogue between members of the same faith tradition) among members of my own faith community. While I had a wonderful time at the annual meeting and connected with a wide range of both radical and reformist scholars in a variety of sub-fields, I found the annual meeting to be a rather solitary affair amongst 10,000 attendees. Granted, my Continue reading

(Special Post) Why I am committed to RTM as Executive Editor by Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

Rev Dr Patricia 'Iolana

Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

[Editor’s Note: Patricia ‘Iolana has newly joined RTM with her distinguished specialities in RTM’s prime topics and rich experiences as both practitioner and researcher. We are deeply honored and grateful for her gift-sharing commitment to RTM. Welcome and thank you for your blessings, Patricia!]

About a month ago, Helen emailed me and enquired if I would be willing to take on the role of Executive Editor for Return to Mago E*Magazine; I didn’t hesitate to say yes. A few days ago, she asked me to respond to why I am committed to RTM as the new EE. I have to admit that, initially, I found this question a bit unsettling. I realised it bothered me because I had to ask myself why I agreed to commit to this position in the first place. I’m not Continue reading

(Prose) Goddess: The ‘Angel of Light’ by Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

Goddess Found Me

Goddess Found Me

I didn’t find Goddess; Goddess found me. At first I didn’t understand Her call; the dreams, visions, and flashes of Goddess started as random moments of Divinity and, over time, permeated my heart and soul, yet I was absolutely unsure how She got there. The Christian Father God had also dwelt in my soul at one point, but that was because I had actively Continue reading

(Meet Mago Contributor) Rev Dr Patricia ‘Iolana

IolanaPatricia ‘Iolana is an ordained Pagan Minister and holds a PhD in Literature, Theology and the Arts from the University of Glasgow. She is fascinated by personal experiences with Goddess, and she approaches this from a psychodynamic perspective called Depth Thealogy. She is best known for her book Literature of the Sacred Feminine: Great Mother Archetypes and the Re-emergence of the Goddess in Western Traditions (2009) and as the co-creator and general editor of Goddess Thealogy: An International Journal for the Study of the Divine Feminine. As of 03 October 2016, Trisha serves the Mago Community as Executive Editor of Return to Mago E*Magazine and as co-editor for Mago Work books. For more information please email: IolanaAtMago@Hotmail.com