Selected books on Goddess feminism, activism, and spirituality:











beyond god the fatherThe Great Cosmic Mother









The shrine of the Cailleach at Glen Lyon (via Mary Condren)

The Cailleach in Irish Megalithic Traditions by Max Dashu

Loughcrew Passage Tomb Complex (Sliabh na Caillíghe)

2 thoughts on “MAGO WICKEDARY

  1. If I was Education Secretary of this country ie The UQ – United Queendom….(otherwise known as the UK …although Goddess knows WHY when we have a QUEEN as head of State) …..I would make Mary Daly’s written work (Gyn/Ecology, Beyond God The Father, etc….) COMPULSORY reading for ALL school children ….and have it written-in to the State NATIONAL CURRICULUM …..with testing and exams to ensure that the material has been read, digested,processed, and UNDERSTOOD by ALL.


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