(Poem & Art) Caterpillar by Andrea Nicki and Liz Darling

Art by Liz Darling

You’re back to caterpillar
going inch by inch
but this time you have a strut
bolder colours, bristles
are less appetizing for predators
You have more courage to be out
in the open, to hang by a thread
in the winds of chance
more trust you will be blown
to an opportune perch
You are more worldly Continue reading

(Poem) Spring Equinox Dance by Andrea Nicki

Art by Jen Delyth.

Some placed offerings

on the room’s center altar

One woman added a green blown glass bird

She said her daughter made it when she was 17

Now in her 30’s she lives in Alaska

but last week took flight from her husband and job

We expressed hope for her safe journey

and transplantation Continue reading

Andrea Nicki

Andrea Nicki

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Andrea Nicki grew up in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. She has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Queen’s University and held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota. She is a faculty lecturer in narrative medicine and applied health ethics at Simon Fraser University. She has two poetry books published: Noble Orphan (2014) by Demeter Press and Welcoming (2009) by Inanna Publications. Her poems and essays have appeared in Canadian and international publications.


(Poem) new year’s circle dance by Andrea Nicki

© Joy McKenzie

© Joy McKenzie

we wore white flowing cotton
shirts, pants, skirts
a circle of white petunias

we danced without speaking
made soft, quiet movements
to usher in the new light

our bodies coming close
arms embracing those on our left and right
then backing away…advancing…
receding again…
a kaleidoscope of white

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(Poem) Yule Tree by Andrea Nicki

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

A man asks me to be the angel

who tops his family tree, watches over humans

comforts unhappy husbands

the angel with low expectations: “men will be men”

I buy myself a green, layered cape

something to wear in my women’s creative dance class Continue reading

(Poem) Artemis by Andrea Nicki

She rides her bike in the intense heat

behind a man without a shirt on

She keeps staring at the golden glow of his back

a young Apollo riding the world

How she would like to ride like that

free of encumbrances

the wind cooling her back

people admiring her back’s golden glow

her athletic form

her good practical sense

not a “booby trap,” a “she-devil”

divinely inspirational

an Artemis

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(Poem) Our Goddess by Andrea Nicki

Women, what if we had                                                   imaginary-worlds_earth-goddess_joey-ivansco

a goddess who was mentioned

everyday? Praise the Goddess

Praise Her, Her Flock, Her Fold

She is all-loving, all-merciful

Our breasts, sick from abuse

would be free of malignancy

and our bellies would feel

like the nurturing grounds for Giants

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(Poem) Dear Goddess

Dear Goddess, please forgive my sins.                                             an-deargoddess

I have been too loving, too generous, too meek and mild, too sweet.

I have been too many offerings of wine-blood and bread-body.

I have been nailed to too many crucifixes, have forgiven too many Judahs, too many Pontious Pilots.

I have had too many resurrections from the dead.

O Goddess, please help me to be more self-serving, more human.

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