(Poem) Open Hearts by Janie Rezner

“We are a Circle of Healers,” by Janie Rezner

“We are a Circle of Healers,” by Janie Rezner

music pours from  open  hearts,  beauty surrounds our open wounds

bathing us all in the warmest of waters

in a balm of love,

bathing us that we might become a circle of healers

a circle of healers with bells, ringing the good news in!

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(Essay) The Religious Life of Children by Janie Rezner

"She Walks Upon the Earth" © Janie Rezner

“She Walks Upon the Earth” © Janie Rezner

I remember as a child going out into the pasture one warm summer evening after dinner, and climbing up on a gate, gazing into the pink and gold streaked western sky, wondering where God was.  “Are you there?”  I spent quite a while on that gate, gazing upward.  I know my son, as a child, held similar conversations, as he gazed into the night sky from his bed.

All children, if allowed to be, are deeply religious before they’ve been dulled out.  It comes with the territory for after all, they are only recently on this side. My then 12-year-old grandson in Davenport, Iowa, called some years ago to tell me that something was coming in the mail for me.  He said, much to my surprise, that he had been listening to my CD, Oquawka Speaks the Words and Music of Mother God, and that his favorite song was “Letter to Ed”.

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(Art) Renaissance Woman by Janie Rezner

JR -Renaissance-Woman


Painting: The Renaissance Woman  – The figure, 6 ft tall and wide

“With her feet planted firmly on the ground, her breasts and womb for all to see, her womb with its new creation, her right hand holding the moon and stars, her left arm, strong and earthy, her ‘motherly side,’ cutting through the chaos as she rises up out of Hell!”

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(Video) ‘A Journey to the Heart of Things’ by Janie Rezner

A Journey to the Heart of Things 

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Janie Rezner

The video is my 20 minute performance at the Matriarchal Studies Conference held at San Francisco’s Fishermans Wharf on May 10, 2012.  I am singing, accompanying myself on synthesizer, and also playing my ocarina. Continue reading